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Jesus VR - Now Christians can meet Jesus within this life

Jesus VR - Now Christians can meet Jesus on this life

Jesus VR

- Jesus VR can be an interactive film that depicts the very last days of Christ

- It has been filmed with 360-degree 4K cameras

- Viewers should be able to turn their head in any direction and find out out of angle

- Many experts have produced which has a group of Hollywood alumni

- Will probably be entirely on all major VR platforms


Devout Christians believe they'll meet Jesus next life, now they will be capable of seeing him within this life - using virtual reality.


Jesus VR - The Story of Christ is a movie that is certainly viewed using a VR headset, it depicts key moments inside the time of Jesus.


Unlike traditional biblical movies, VR can give viewers to be able to try any direction for a different perspective so you have got the sensation to be a witness towards the Bible story mainly because it plays in front individuals.

Jesus VR - filmed having a bespoke VR helmet covered in Sony Alpha 7 4K cameras. Footage is then stitched together for viewing in Virtual Reality headsets.

Jesus VR - filmed with a bespoke VR helmet covered in Sony Alpha 7 4K cameras


The Jesus VR experience continues to be filmed using a bespoke head-mounted stand with seven Sony Alpha 7 4K cameras that capture 360-degree footage so viewers are able to try all directions. There's even one facing upwards when viewers need to see the sky.


It absolutely was shot on location inside the ancient Italian village of Matera, which actor-director Mel Gibson used while he filmed his epic version of the Bible story The zeal from the Christ. Filming engrossed in October 2015.


The executive producer, Enzo Sisti is no stranger towards the story. He successfully worked in the same role for Gibson’s movie (which generated over $600 million gross) so he's already which can comprehend the requirements. He was quoted saying “its production values will absolutely set a brand new benchmark for virtual reality.”


Jesus VR portrays pivotal events from Jesus’ life and death including his baptism, the Sermon on the Mount, the past Supper, the crucifixion and also the resurrection.


The screenplay has been authored by Andre van Heerden who also wrote biblical themed movies Judgment, Vanished and In the category of God.


It’s been directed and manufactured by David Hansen who handled Hellion and the religious tale about discovering faith, Past the Heavens. He stated “The viewers actually feel these are there with Jesus and his awesome disciples. This is the most effective story of them all and virtual the truth is a great way to inform it.”


Blue-eyed American actor Tim Fellingham plays Jesus.


 “The viewers truly feel they're there with Jesus with his fantastic disciples. This can be the strongest story of all time and virtual the truth is a great way to tell it.”


Mel Gibson’s movie was both criticised and praised for depicting the violence against Jesus while he was tortured after which crucified. It’s now widely regarded as essentially the most authentic depiction of the latter Bible stories for bringing the fervour your.


Jesus VR won’t contain the production values of the Gibson film but it will have something a great deal more powerful - a feeling of presence, the sense of really being there. ‘See the crucifixion of Christ as if you were waiting on the base of the cross!’ This fictitious selling feature may appear distasteful, yet it's could possibly extension of the way movies have attemptedto bring the brand new Proof of life. VR has the potential to make Jesus seem more real to Christians than some other media did before, whether it's the words inside the Bible itself, church icons, stain-glassed windows, religious art, hymns or even movies.

Jesus VR - Jesus gives the sermon for the mount which is viewable using Virtual Reality headsets

Jesus VR - See Jesus till you, hear him speak straight away to you


This raises certain psychological questions for Christians; seeing Jesus stood in front of them and check out them can it make his sacrifice seem greater or fewer significant? Will it enhance Christians’ relationship with Jesus? When they begin to see the Jews opt to free the murderer Barabbas over Jesus will it instigate feelings of blame, perhaps bringing about anti-Semitic feelings in real life? Having looked at such horrific torture might it cause PTSD? Could it cause survivor-guilt for seeing Jesus being tortured and never doing something to help him? Ultimately much will be dependent on how well production company Autumn VR have the ability to meld this new field of technology with creative talent however certainly is apparently the dawn of your new movie medium.


Regardless of the reaction, this may be the start of a massive growth position for VR - interactive Bible experiences.


Jesus VR - The storyline of Christ is 90 minutes long and will be released Christmas 2016 on all major VR platforms including PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear and Google Cardboard. Jesus VR

Post by jesusvr82b (2016-07-09 07:34)

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